The volume of information as well as methods of communicating this information are increasing exponentially thanks to the internet. Consequently, businesses and organisations trying to find out what people are saying about them is becoming more difficult.

Responding to comments, opinion, feedback, discussion, etc. (good and bad!) is great for reputation and goodwill. This means efficient discovery through proactive monitoring is now a key aspect of social media strategy.

By way of an example - here is a video of the worldwide sports drink brand "Gatorade" and their new social media mission control centre. They have custom built technology to track and respond rapidly to mentions of Gatorade in a variety of social media.

Check out this Mashable post for more coverage of Gatorade.
Measuring the success or ROI of a social media intervention is difficult. Existing metrics (e.g., KPIs) do not transfer seamlessly to this new environment because of the differences in approach afforded by social media such as the lack of immediate benefits.

In this presentation by Brandon Murphy below (which I found on the we are social website), a new approach to ROI is proposed. Have a look and let us know what you think.


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