The State of Web and Social Media Analytics 2011 Report - Infographics by Higher Ed Experts
Business cards are still important. While social media offers many options for connecting and managing relationships online, the humble business card is still the most efficient method for exchanging contact details.

In time, mobile devices maybe synchronised enough to share information across platforms, networks and apps but right now, the physical card is still a must have.

High-quality, well-designed, engaging cards are clearly important, however, it might be an idea not to go overboard like Joel Brauer in the video below:
I recommend has an easy and slick online service for creating business cards. They provide a variety of current designs, pricing and quality double-sided stock. Note that as they are based in the UK, make sure to leave a few weeks for delivery.
Credit: Wilma McCorkindale (DScene)
September 23rd 2011 will be my last day working for the University. While this is a huge step for me (and my family), I am incredibly excited by the opportunities available to me outside the campus.

It means I can now channel my energy and ideas into Know Social Media to grow as a business and provide increasingly sought after social media expertise for anyone who wants it.

Many thanks to those students and staff who have made my time at the University of Otago so rewarding so often. While it is true that there are three months to go, I am too excited to keep this news to myself any longer.

Stay tuned!

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