I received a formal looking letter from the Otago Chamber of Commerce today (see the scan below). It seems that Know Social Media is still a finalist in the emerging business category. This is great news because it means I didn't blow the interview! 

I'm also excited beause this selection is recognition that the business is doing good work and has seemingly found a niche. Ultimately this leaves me feeling positive about the future of Know Social Media and looking forward to being more active in 2011. 

The awards presentation is a black-tie event scheduled for Friday 26th November at the Glenroy Auditorium. The price is $150 and consequently, I will not be attending. However, I wish all finalists the best of luck in their respective categories and hope they enjoy the awards night.

I am delighted to say that Know Social Media is a finalist at the biennial Otago Chamber of Commerce OBIZ 2010 business excellence awards. These awards are held every two years (in the Chamber's words)  to:

"... recognise efforts to excel in customer service, as well as the relationships between employers, employees and service providers. It especially recognises those in the region who have, notwithstanding a negative financial climate, continued to display courage, innovation and leadership in the business sector."

Know Social Media is a finalist in the "emerging business" category - which is entirely appropriate for the newness of this company. I enjoyed meeting the four judges and we had a very open and cordial conversation about the business in terms of: what we do, what we want to achieve, specific challenges, future strategy, and so on. I thought it went well so it's now fingers crossed! 

Even if we don't win, I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to all those people and businesses who have made the experience of working in this area entirely rewarding.


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