This is a quick post to wish everyone a happy, interesting, and social 2012. Know Social Media is open for business and January is looking very, very busy. 

A number of clients want to get to work straight away - which is great! In addition, I am working part-time for the University teaching a summer school paper. The cool thing is that the paper "COMP 113" is all about social media (what it is, why it's important, how to use it, ...) and online community (who is in your community, how to keep them happy, community management, ...). 

It means I get to talk about things I care about and work with everyday. Students get to build their own online community and have fun doing it. The added bonus, is that explaining concepts is the best way to learn what they really mean. Moreover, talking with smart and engaged Summer School students means I learn even more.

I have many ambitions for 2012 (including blogging a lot more frequently) and feel positive and excited about Know Social Media's future. And while I am busy, I am always willing to explore opportunities so please feel free to get in touch.


08/01/2012 10:37

This blog just went up but the tweet tally is at 3. If you look for these 3 tweets (or retweets), you can only find one.

Is there an issue with the tweet counter inflating numbers or are the retweets missing from the search of the tally (see link:


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