Facebook have just announced roles for Facebook Page admins. This means that owners of Facebook Pages can control what actions different kinds of administrators are allowed to do. 

For example, a Page manager might have full control while a Moderator may only be permitted to respond to questions and comments. This allows for better management of your Facebook Page and provides more opportunities for staff and external businesses (e.g., to measure analytics) to access specific features of your Page but only those relevant to their jobs.

There are five distinct roles: ManagerContent CreatorModeratorAdvertiser, and Insights Analyst. I include a table (sourced from Facebook) that illustrates what kinds of actions these different roles can perform. 

Manager Content
Moderator Advertiser Insights
Manage Admin Roles
Edit the Page and Add Apps
Create Posts as the Page
Respond to and Delete Comments
Send Messages as the Page
Create Ads
View Insights

Clearly, the Manager role has the most permissions (which matches responsibility level) while the Insights Analyst has the least. In fact, this latter role is increasingly likely be performed by an external business monitoring Page performance. 

By assigning the appropriate role to your admins, you are guaranteeing increased security around how your Page will be used.

I recommend taking a look at this Facebook help information then review how your Facebook Page is currently being managed. If you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch


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