I'm about two-and-half weeks late posting this news but here it is. Know Social Media has gone into hiatus, which means Know Social Media has stopped accepting new business indefinitely. 

The main reason for this change is because I have a new full-time position with a local tech start up called "Timely". This decision was not made lightly but it's one that I am very excited about. As I'm not going anywhere, I'm still available to answer questions (particularly from KSM clients) or provide comment about social media. 
What am I doing? 

I'm applying the skills and knowledge I've developed over the last 7-8 years to help make the Timely community as awesome as possible. I love Timely as it's made so well, operates in the cloud and liberates small business from the shackles of over-priced, cumbersome, badly made software. The people are great too!

Finally, I need to say a huge thanks to everyone who has provided opportunities, cups of tea and other support over Know Social Media's tenure. 

See you in the cloud!


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