Graduate Research Services at The University of Otago is hosting their second annual Twitter conference on the 27th (updated!) of August. Last year's event was a great success and a lot of fun for all those that participated.

This year, Know Social Media are proud to announce that we are sponsoring the event! This involves producing an online transcript of entries (read last year's transcript to get an idea of what happens) and providing an excellent prize to the winner.

The competition is open to all University of Otago post-graduate thesis students in which each, gets to summarise their thesis in six tweets. To minimise confusion, submissions will be scheduled so make sure to register soon.

The cool thing is that students can submit their tweets from anywhere (home, cafe, other-side of the world, ...). Even better, the whole world can read and participate.

Twitter might seem a strange target for Academic research. It turns out that distilling a thesis (even for those near completion) into six, 140 character statements is a very difficult task. This is compounded further by writing for a general readership with no prior knowledge. Consequently, Twitter is an excellent forum to communicate difficult and abstract concepts.

Furthermore, Universities ought to be seen participating in the wider community by disseminating the research currently underway. So, what's better than a public, online forum like Twitter?

This event is informal and fun so if you are a University of Otago thesis student, register for the conference and sign up for Twitter.



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