Facebook pages are great for businesses, organisations, performers, causes, etc. for establishing a presence on the largest online social network in the world. These pages unify information, photos, branding, updates and other content in the one location. They also facilitate conversation with new and existing users and let them upload, share, and comment on content.

To find out more about setting up your own Facebook page as well as how to use them effectively, have a look at this guide at Squidoo.

What I really wanted to talk about in this post, is an outstanding issue with Facebook pages - the inability to change the name of your page. When you created a new page, you were stuck with whatever name you specified at the time. 

This is a problem because spelling mistakes, second thoughts on names, or changes in business names could only be reversed by deleting the entire page and starting again. Consequently, all efforts to cultivate a community, conversations, content, etc. would disappear.

For example, the Know Social Media page was stuck with its original name of "Social Media Workshops".

The good news is that this problem has been addressed. Pages can now have their names changed without resorting to brand new pages. Included with this change is a much improved, cleaner administration interface for Facebook pages (see image below).

To change your page name:
  1. Click "Edit page" (under the logo).
  2. Select "Basic Information" (should be selected by default).
  3. Change the name of your page to whatever you like in the "Name:" field (first one).

Click the 'Name' field and enter the new name.
If your existing Facebook page needs a more meaningful and in my experience - shorter name, then change it now. It's easy! And while you're there, take the opportunity to update other information about your page.


05/01/2011 18:38

it is really very useful,i will try to change my facebook account page name after later thanks very much.


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