November 15th - 19th 2011 sees Dunedin hosting the inaugural Science communication conference called "Science Teller". Their website describes the event as "... a celebration of Storytelling and Science dedicated to documentary filmmaking, writing and other creative media". The Centre for Science Communication are responsible for this innovative event - ably directed by Lloyd Davis.

The event involves workshops, public screenings, guest speakers such as Lawrence Krauss, Bill Manhire and  Jay O,Callahan and welcomes submissions of creative works for a competition (sadly this blog is a little late as the cutoff dates for most submissions was November 9th).

However, one competition is still open (at least until midnight Tuesday 15 November) and that is the tweet competition. I had some involvement in the set up of the competition which is one reason why I am blogging about it.

Anyone can enter by tweeting their explanation of the origins of the universe. You must use the hashtag #scitell in the tweet and post it to twitter before midnight tomorrow. You must also follow the official Science Teller Twitter account @scienceteller

By doing this you are then eligible to win an iPad 2 to be awarded to the winning tweet. See the Tweet competition page to see details of how tweets are selected and voted on.

My current favourite tweet is by Twitter user @knittedmonkey who managed to incorporate Twitter into the creation of the universe. The tweet reads: "In the beginning was the Tweet, and the Tweet was with God, and the Tweet was God". 

This is closely followed by "Once you pop, you just can't stop. Until gravity overcomes inertia and it all goes crunch: the Pringles approach to Cosmology" by user @furyonesixone.

Get involved by submitting your own tweet or follow the hashtag #scitell to see how other people tweet the origins of the universe.


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