There is a photo of growing grass on each page of this website (and displayed below). You might ask why? You might not. Regardless, I thought it would be useful to briefly describe some of the ideas behind its selection.
Photo credit: jonathanpeterss (under Creative Commons license)
If I ask a room of people what they think it means, they often reply with useful (and often quite literal) observations:
  • It represents growth
  • It suggests social media is about grass roots movements
  • From solid foundations good things grow
  • Organisations need to nurture their social media
  • Social media involves lots of elements
  • Social media is organic
  • Aim high
  • Social is about interelated relationships
  • ...

I like the above suggestions as they are consistent with my own ideas. I also like the openness that the picture offers. This means that visitors can perceive it how they will and more likely than not, their ideas will support the point of its use. 

If I had to be brief, I would want the picture to reflect that Know Social Media helps others with long-term social media advice and education based on organic growth. That is, no gaming, cheats, tricks, manipulation, traditional marketing, etc. - just a purity of application based on best practice and deep knowledge.

What does the image say to you?


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